40% More Service Life

Fig. 2
Unique, reversible adjusting insert
moves wear bar toward stock rail for
40% additional service life.

Manganese steel is well established as the best material to be used in applications where wear from abrasion is a principle factor. The wear surface on our replaceable Wear Bar (FIG. 3) is 11-14% manganese steel, providing the maximum possible service life.

When the Wear Bar is worn to the point where wheels are again abrading the switch point tip, our unique adjusting insert feature (FIG. 2) permits the Wear Bar to be moved toward the rail far enough to allow service life to be increased by an additional 40 percent. This feature is not available on any other switch point guard.

Stronger, More Reliable In - Track

Fig. 4
Basic Model FM offers rugged integral construction.

The basic Model FM Switch Point Guard super-structure is a single unit (FIG. 4), complete with slide plates. This design allows the stock rail to be clamped by the Model FM, helping to prevent the switch point guard from being forced away from its protective position by wheel action (see FIG. 10). Wear Bar and stock rail work as one.

Fig. 5
Top view of basic Model FM with key dimensions shown.

Easier To Maintain

Fig. 3
Replaceable Wear Bar is adjustable and universal.

The wear bar is universal and accommodates all base units regardless of rail section to which they were built. Inventory and parts co-ordination is minimal.

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