Will Match your Track Conditions

A Model FM Switch Point Guard is available for every rail section. The basic design is complete with three slide plates, and will work on either right-hand or left-hand turnouts.  

Model FM Switch Point Guards are available to mount on customer furnished gage plate, as shown below.
(See "How To Order")

In addition to building units for the existing center plate (No. 1G Plate) at the switch to be accomodated, we can also build units to fit all three locations (Plate O, 1G & 1A) but no other combination (see Fig. 6). This eliminates having right or left hand ordering and inventory problems.

Fig. 6

How To Order Model FM Switch Point Guards
Superstructure Specify
Tie Spacing (In Inches)
Rail Section
1 - Basic Unit (3 fixed slide plates)
19 or 20 or 21 Specify
See Plates Above
#2 - Middle support to match
Pettibone-adj. rail brace.
20 (std) preferred
#3 - Middle support to match
AREA-fixed rail brace
21 (weight and designator)
#4 - Bethlehem type adjustable
gage/slide Plate
90RA or 9020
#5 - Middle support to match
AREA-adj. rail brace
#6A - ABEX/RACOR adj. rail brace
#6B - ABEX/RACOR (slanted block)
adj. rail brace
#7A - Middle support to match
Pandrol clip gage/plate

Example: Ordering Reference for a Model FM Switch Point Guard with a middle support to match a Pettibone adjustable rail brace on ties with 21 inch centers, for 136 RE rail would be as follows: Model FM-2-21-136 RE

Shipping Weight: Approximately 450 pounds

Replacement Wear Bar

Specify: "Wear Bar for Model FM Switch Point Guard" (shipped with six new mounting bolts, Security locknuts, 12 ea., A325 washers and 3 ea. adjusting inserts). Refer to Fig. 2 for installation. Shipping Weight: 90 pounds

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