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Western-Cullen-Hayes Derails


  • Several Styles
  • Light Weight
  • Welded Alloy Steel
  • Low Profile Design
  • Sized to Fit Properly
  • Complete Line of Accessories

    Western-Cullen-Hayes manufactures a complete line of railroad derails and accessories. We make sliding, hinged, field side and portable styles for every need. We also make Wheel Crowders for special applications. Our derails are made of lightweight, high strength alloy steel to provide years of dependable service. WCH derails have a low profile design that will clear locomotive snow blades and other obstructions. In order to be effective, derails must fit the rail properly. Western-Cullen-Hayes Derails come in five distinct sizes to ensure a correct fit. If you need power operators or locking equipment for sliding derail or blue flag warning devices, Western-Cullen-Hayes has them. We can also design custom control equipment to interlock derails with train doors, tank car loading equipment, grade crossing signals and other warning devices.

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