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W-C-H Wheel Stops

Type SF Cusion Stop

Model 430-F Rigid Clamp On Stop

  • Cusion Designs
  • Rigid Designs
  • Clamp and Hinged types
  • Custom wheel stops for crane rail
  • Remote controlled power operated
    wheel stops for special applications

Our wheel stops are designed to be used at the end of tracks where the anticipated train speed is less than four miles per hour. Western-Cullen-Hayes wheel stops are economical to purchase and install, and their all steel construction will provide years of service.

Type SG Rigid Stop

Type SH Hinged Stop

Type SF Cusion stop, no drilling of the rail, transfers shock to the ties and ballast, all steel, one size fits rail from 4" to 7" high.

Type SG Rigid stop, no drilling of the rail, light weight, all steel, one size fits rail from 4-1/4" to 8" high.

Type SH Rigid, hinged stop, can be lowered to allow train access beyond stop location, fabricated to fit specific rail sizes, can be equipped with a power operator for remote control.

Model 430 Rigid stop, clamp on design, no drilling of the rails, all steel, all components above base of the rail, fits rail from 4-5/8" to 8" high. Can be modified to fit crane rail and other special applications.