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Light emitting diode (LED) light sources for grade crossing warning flashing lights offer significant advantages over incandescent lamps traditionally used in these applications. Improvements in conspicuity/viewing angles, power consumption, longevity, routine maintenance, etc. are rapidly changing the landscape. As with the traffic signal industry, the market for these applications is clearly moving in the direction of LEDs.

A number of obstacles have prevented wide scale implementation of LED signals; these obstacles have now been largely removed

These obstacles have now for the most part been removed, creating a path for full implementation and retrofit programs (the benefits of transitioning from 8" to 12" pale in comparison).With the W-C-H LED 12" and Gate Arm Flashing Light Units, improvements to motorist safety, railroad operating expense and product life cycle costs/ROI are attainable.

The time is right to begin eliminating the incandescent bulb from as many places as possible in rail and transit applications.



12" Flashing Light Unit

Improved viewing angles

"Hotspot" focusing eliminated; no bulb or reflector dish

Ease of installation

One-piece unit mounts to door of signal

Designed to fit existing 12" housings

Maintains sidelight protection

Vandal resistant

Rugged one piece unit

Colored high impact polycarbonate lens

Low power consumption

Reduces standby battery requirements

Reliable rugged design

Design eliminates single point failures; no led "strings"

Sealed unit; conformal coated PCB.

Gate Arm Light

Meets AREMA 70 Degree Spec

Rugged Design

Low Power Consumption

Improved Approach Visibility

"Knockdown" Resistant

Low Cost Solution To Comply W/ FRA 234 (85% Rated Voltage @ Tip Light)


12" Flashing Light Unit

Input Voltage

Viewing Angle

Temperature Range

Dominant Wavelength

Current Draw

Power Consumption

System MTBF

Wire lead size

8-14 Volts AC or DC

Universal: Replaces 30/15, 20/32, and 70 degree roundels

-40 C To +85 C

620-640 nm

0.85 Amps @ 10 VDC

8.5 Watts @ 10 VDC

1,476,362 Hrs.

14 AWG

Gate Arm Light Unit

Input Voltage

Viewing Angle

Temperature Range

Current Draw

Power Consumption

Wire lead size

8-14 Volts

70 Degrees

-40 C To +85 C

0.45 Amps @ 10 VDC

4.5 Watts @ 10 VDC

20 AWG


Part Number 985-811, 12" Unit Complete With Hood & Backround

Part Number 1607-400, 12" Unit, Retrofit

Part Number 1597-50, Gate Arm Light Set

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