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New Bi-directional Derail and Wheel Crowder*

*Patent applied for.

The Model HBXS and Model WCX Wheel Crowder are new derail products from Western-Cullen-Hayes that are designed specifically for use at locomotive and car repair facilities. Todays heavier and longer railroad vehicles require a different approach to facility protection. W-C-H consistently recommends the use of single direction derails, but the necessity of derailing rolling equipment from both directions is a reality at some locations. In response, we now offer the HBXS and WCX products.

The Model HBXS and Crowder together, incorporate the bi-directional capabilities of our earlier designs, but add significant length to the derailing block to ensure that todays heavier equipment is safely derailed. The longer derail block and crowder blade provide a bi-directional derail with a deflection angle similar to our single directional derails. Deflection angle is critical to the effective function of any derail device.

The Model HBXS and Crowder can retrofit to any site where a W-C-H sliding derail is currently in service. They can be used with our Delectric, WCHT-72, Eldo or Solar Tech Power Derail Operators. Model HBXS can also be thrown with our HRS-100 manual High-Rise Operating Stands.

The HBXS is manufactured in sizes to fit todays most popular rail sections.

Please contact W-C-H for more information on the Model HBXS Sliding Derail and WXS Wheel Crowder.

WCX Wheel Crowder

HBXS Derail