Blue Flag Check List

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Model BFH: Hinge Design, spike base to tie in center of track. Lift staff from holder and lower when not in use.
Model RBF: Portable blue flag, clamps to rail, universal fit, RBFL can be locked to rail.
Model BF: Portable blue flag, spike staff design with self contained driver for applying to ties or ballast.
Model PBF: Power operated blue flag, remote controlled with blue light for night time visibility.
Model AMBF: Auto-mechanical blue flag, for use with Hayes Derail and Operators.
Blue light accessory: Battery powered blue lights available for the above blue flags.

Sign messages available:
Camp Cars
Danger Men Working
Danger Men Working On This Track
Danger Tank Car Connected
Men At Work
Safety First
Stop Car Men
Stop Men Working
Stop Men Working On This Track
Stop Tank Car Connected
Stop Work Equipment