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Bi-directional Gate Gard

Reduce the cost of crossing gate arm maintenance, and ensure that your gate mechanisms operate properly.
Western-Cullen-Hayes announces the latest in our line of money saving products, the Bi-directional...or two-way
"Gate Gard". The new Bi-directional "Gate Gard" incorporates the same, proven, latch hook and return spring
package design features, as our single direction "Gate Gard". Now we have the capability of protecting gate
arms that are impacted from the back as well as the front. This feature is particularly important when a motor
vehicle tries to go around lowered gates and strikes the arm from behind. In ordinary spring loaded adapters,
this action would break the arm and in some cases, bend or even break the adapter.

Please contact Western-Cullen-Hayes for details on the new Bi-directional "Gate Gard".

Part Number D-1074